With your documents on the safe side.

The DocuCheck with atnexxus.

We support you with qualified, certified and experienced technical editors to give you more security and predictability of your technical documents.

To do this, we check your documents for various aspects in a practice-oriented manner, evaluate the status and give tips such as recommendations for action. All of this is summarized in a clear report – our DQS assessment.

As a special feature, in addition to the classic way, we also check your documents with the help of a system using linguistic intelligence. This contains a set of rules for the technical documentation and thus supplements the examination of our technical writers.

We check your documents for the following aspects:

  • Compliance with standards & amp; Guidelines
  • language requirements & amp; Correctness
  • Construction & amp; Layout
  • representations & amp; Graphics
  • Safety Instructions & amp; Symbols
  • Readability & amp; Usability
  • Target group conformity
  • Terminology
  • Modularization
  • Translation-friendly writing

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This is why the check makes sense for a technical editorial team.

The technical editing has a lot of responsibility. Without the right documentation, a product is incomplete or faulty. So that everything fits, the technical editorial team has to take into account legal and content-related as well as economic aspects.

Legal issues are e.g. standards, guidelines, certifications and requirements for placing a product on the market. Content-related topics are e.g. completeness, commissioning, operation, maintenance, terminology, addressing target groups. Economic topics are e.g. modularization in connection with an editing system or translation-oriented writing for lower translation costs.

Our DocuCheck can give you answers and recommendations on all of these points.

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The process of your DocuCheck.

1. Make a request

  • Send us a non-binding inquiry.
  • We will contact you and send you a questionnaire.
  • We would be happy to conclude an NDA with you.

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2. First appointment and exchange of information

  • So that we can prepare, please send us the questionnaire in advance
  • We will contact you and send you a questionnaire
  • You are also welcome to provide us with your documents in advance (PDF / Word / InDesign / FrameMaker)
  • Initial appointment 30 minutes to 1 hour, detailed information
  • Agreement on the scope and quantity of the document check

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3. Performing your document review

  • Examination by qualified and experienced editors
  • Check based on a sophisticated checklist
  • Testing by a linguistic intelligence system

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4. Your final report: DQI-Report & amp; Recommendations for action

  • Standardized DQI report (Document Quality Index)
  • Recommendations for action
  • Suggested date for completion and, if necessary, the following steps

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5. Your graduation date

  • Go through the final report
  • Questions on your part
  • Conclusion and, if necessary, further joint steps

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